‘Game-changer’ Cam Newton ‘Built Differently To Other QBs’

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Cam Newton joining the New England Patriots could be a masterstroke, according to one of Newton’s former teammates. 

Greg Van Roten thinks the dual threat of Cam Newton coupled with Bill Belichick’s drive to win could be ‘terrifying’. 

Cam Newton certainly has big shoes to fill. The chosen heir to Tom Brady’s throne has not enjoyed an upward career trajectory lately. 

The 2015 NFL MVP, now in his 30s, has had his struggles with injuries. He and the Carolina Panthers stagnated after making the Super Bowl. However, Newton’s competitive nature could propel him back to the top, said Van Roten.


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“He’s a headache to game plan for. So when he’s healthy, you can stop the run from him, but then you gotta defend the pass. If you can stop the pass, well then you’ve got to account for the run.’

“So, it’s basically, pick one thing and he’ll do the other. And then you couple him with Belichick, who only cares about winning and Cam really wants to prove himself, so it’s definitely a recipe for disaster for the rest of the league if they can figure it out,” Van Roten said 

“It’s definitely terrifying to think if Cam Newton’s healthy and he’s in Belichick’s offense, you know, in my division, it could be a long year for the other teams, because he’s a game changer.

“He came into the league, you know, he’s a league MVP, brought a team to the Super Bowl – he’s just built differently than a lot of quarterbacks,” he added.


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Carolina Panthers LB Shaq Thompson says Cam Newton still has the quality to be the MVP.

“Man, I was happy for Cam. I hated that it took so long for him to get signed. He’s an MVP quarterback. Cam still has it. And I’m happy for him, I’m glad the Patriots invested in him and I can’t wait to see Cam Newton come out there and play.”

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